Read Qaida with Tajweed basic is a very important course that gives us the basic knowledge of Quran reading. It is also the first step towards the Shia Quran education. This is very important for any beginner who wants to learn Quran online. Qaida Has Great Importance For Beginners And Non-Arabs. We Offer This Course To Momineen And The Lessons Are Divided Into Different Chapters To Help. The Students Understand Tajweed Rules Step By Step. The Whole Course Is Taught In A Step By Step Manner Till the End So That Non-Arabic Muslims Know How To Recite The Verses Properly Without Breaking Breath. We Offer This Course To Everyone Who Belongs To the Shia Sect Irrespective Of His or Her Age And Gender. we provide Yassarnal Quran and Islamic studies translation, tajweed and Tafseer Quran Courses. So If You Are Searching For The Most Reliable Online Noorani Qaida or Yassernal Quran Qaida Course, You Should Choose the Online Shia Quran Center.

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Who Can Take The Course?

This Is A Basic Course For The Beginners. This Shia Qaida Online Course Is For Those Who Want To Learn Reading The Quran And They Don’t Have Prior Knowledge Of Recitation. We Arrange Classes For Shia Muslims. Our Shia Quran Academy Is Also Based On Fiqah Jaffria. Males, Female, And Children Are Eligible To Take
Admission In This Yassarnal Quran and other Basic Islamic studies Course. Usually, We Offer The Online Shia Quran Classes For Children
Because They Need To Be Taught From The Basic Level.

What Do We Teach?

It Is A Very Important Course That Will Help The Students Recognize And
Pronounce Different Alphabets Of Arabic With Proper Rules. We, Will, Teach Different Symbols That Are Necessary For Proper Recitation. We Provide The Proper Guidance For The Beginners Because We Understand The Importance Of This Yassernal Quran Tajweed Course.

Our Shia Qaida learning includes the following topics.

1 Outstretched Quranic Arabic Letters
2 Sukoon
3 Tashdeed
4 Huroof-E-Leen
5 Izhar
6 Iqlab
7 Idgham
8 Ikhfa
9 Noon-E-Qutni
10 Huroof-E-Muqatta’at
All These Topics Are Taught With Practice. We Are A Very Reliable Platform
For Shia Qaida Reading Because We Have A Sound International Reputation.

How Do We Teach?

We Have Expert Shia Quran Teachers Who Know How To Give Lessons. They Start Their
Lesson With Teaching The Pronunciation Of The Alphabets. The Students Learn
About The Sounds At First. After That They Teach The Lessons Related To Make
The Words. In The Third Lesson, You Will Learn The Signs And Sounds Of The

All These Topics Are Very Important For Learning Quran with Tajweed. When You Learn All This, You Are Able To Read The Arabic Letters. We Teach In Such A Manner That You Will Be Self Sufficient In Reading The
Quran With Proper Rules In-Shaa-Allah. We Have The Professional female and male Shia Quran Teachers Who Know How To Teach. They Are Also Expert At Teaching Kids. We Have
Special Shia Yassernal Quran Learning Lessons For Kids.

This Course Is The Most Important Thing That We Should Provide To Our Children. Our Children Ought To Study This Course Before Studying The Quran Because It Is The Initial Guide That Helps A Child Towards Correct Pronunciation.
With The Help Of Yassernal Quran Reading And Practicing, Everyone Will Be Fluent In Reading And Reciting The Holy Text. We Are The Reputable Academy For Shia Muslims And We Assure You To Take You At The Level Whereupon You Will Be Able To Read Quran By Yourself.

Why Us:

We Cannot Ignore The Need For Good Shia Quran Teachers. We Can Help You Make The Best Out Of Shia read Quran with Tajweed Online Course. If You Join Us, You Trust Us For
Having Proper Guidance And Training. Our Lessons Will Therefore Help you for

The Rest Of Your Life In Learning Other Courses. We Are A Well Reputed Institute
Established At The International Level, So You Should Choose Us For The Best
Qaida Learning.

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