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Our most important responsibility of being Shia Muslims is to get the knowledge of the Quran. We should start learning our Holy Book from the very beginning. Reading a single letter of the verses has great significance. Memorizing also has great significance so we also offer memorization course for Momineen. So we introduced this course for those who have a deep desire to learn it by heart but don’t have the means to do so. You can only do it if you have sincere devotion. Our Shia Quran Reciter online provide best way kids and momineen.

We Give You The Best Chance To Avoid All The Hustles Of Going To Mosques Or Islamic Centers. We Offer An Online Platform And You Can Take Your Classes With The Help Of Your PC Or Smartphone.

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Who Can Take The Course?

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Our Memorization Online Shia Quran Classes Are For Momineen Of All Age Groups. But We Suggest This Course For Children. School Going Children Can Also Take Classes Because We Are Available 24/7. The Course Is Open For The Students Belonging To Shia Sect. We Have Momineen Teachers For You So That You Can Learn Shia Quran Online Lessons. We Have Separate Classes For Females. Those Who Want To Online Can Join The Classes. All The Lectures Are Delivered Online Without Going Anywhere.

One-on-One Classes:

We Teach On The One-On-One Class Basis. There Are No Group Classes. One Student Learns At A Time From An our online Shia Quran Teacher. The Students Can Have Memorization Shia Quran Lessons online At Home. Every Student Gets Individual Attention Which Is A Plus Point Of Our online Teaching Method. We Also Teach In A Step By Step Manner. Our Academy Start With Short Surahs And Then Move To The Longer Ones.

Affordable Fees:

Al Hussain Quran Academy Charges Affordable Fees So That Every Student Can Afford It. We Have Made Shia Quran Online Classes Easy way For Every Student. We Have Made A Fee Structure That Is affordable For Every Person. The Main Purpose Is To Spread The Knowledge Of The Holy Book. Contact Us To Know More About Our Fee Structure For This Program. To Make It More Affordable, We Have Special Packages For You. Check Our Packages For More Information.

Flexible Study Time

We Offer A Flexible Study Plan For Memorization. The Students Can Learn Memorization Shia Quran Course On Their Own Schedule. The Teachers Are Available Round The Clock So You Can Join The Classes At Any Time You Want. We Are Happy to Offer Flexible Study to Our Students So That That Can Have More Opportunities to learn online Quran by Heart. We Also Provide Them With The Best Memorization Tips For Their Easy And Quick Learning.

Our academy are Very Happy To Play An Important Part In Performing The Great Religious Task. Our Academy Has Religious Scholars And Highly Qualified Teachers Who Make Us Reliable Among The Other Shia Quran Centers. We Are Available To You All Year Round. So Contact Us Now If You Want To Start Shia Quran Learning With Reliable Qari. Interested Candidates Can Contact Us Any Time As We Are Open Round The Clock.

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History of Tajweed:

Tajweed did not exist at the time of the revelation of the Holy Quran. It is because it was in Arab, and
all Arabs speak Arabic. When it spreads outside Arabs or when non-Arabs start reading, they need to
read with caution. Extra signs, dots, etc became part of Tajweed rules to make the recitation exactly
like of Arabs. So now tajweed is important for us so we may not mistakenly pronounce them

Shia Quran Reciter

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Benefits of reading the Quran with Tajweed:

Islam is the religion in which its followers are to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhamad (P.B.U.H).
So to recite the Quran, we have to pronounce it like our Prophet. Recitation is beautiful when
we read it with Tafseer. We follow the recitation rules of our Prophet. Reading one word of the
Quran earns 10 rewards, so when we struggle to recite correctly, we earn Allah’s blessings. Beautiful
recitation with tajweed pleases the ears and soothes the heart.