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Welcome to the Al Hussain Quran Academy where you can learn to read the Quran with online Shia Quran teachers. This is the best online facility you can think of for taking Quran education. If you are looking for someone to teach the Quran, join our platform. You will find the best teaching service for different courses on the Quran. You may choose the one you need to learn. There are the best teachers who have qualifications in Islamic studies with perfect Arabic accents. Whether you want to learn to read the Quran or want to correct your accent we have expert teachers.

Online Shia Quran teachers will guide you in detail about recitation and its pronunciation. You will learn step by step and soon will become an expert in recitation.

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Advantages of online teaching:

Online learning is becoming popular among students around the world because of its many advantages. Once you start learning online you will realize its worth.

Learn Quran at your home:

Online Learning will help you learn with the best teachers in the comfort of your home. Traditional Quran learning is also a good option where a Quran teacher comes to your home to teach you. But in online learning, you can take the class with your teacher even if you are not at home. You may take an online class from anywhere, you just need to login into your account. Online Shia Quran teachers can take your online class no matter whether you are on vacation or at home.

Choose your online Quran teacher

On the online platform to learn the Quran, you may find different teachers in the same place. You have the option to select the teacher you find suitable for you. At the online Shia Quran center, you can interview the teachers and choose the one you want.

Choose online Quran class time

Time is flexible at the Al Hussain Quran Academy. The online Shia Quran teachers are available round the clock. It is easy for you to select the time for your class with your choice. No matter it’s the middle of the night or the start of the day, it solely depends on you. If the Shia Online Quran teacher is available in that time slot he or she will be there for you.

Qualities of an Online Teacher:

We proudly claim to have the best teachers in the world with high qualifications and experience. Every teacher is a graduate of Islamic studies and carries expertise in his area of teaching. Each course at our academy has the best and most expert teacher. Our students study different courses with satisfaction and recommend others too. Quran learning is an essential part of the life of Momineen. Parents want their children to start learning to read Holy Quran from an early age. For this purpose, they hire Quran teachers either at their homes or send them to Madrassas.

Parents who live in Western countries find it difficult to hire a good Shia Quran tutor. Then the blessing of online Shia Quran learning is a service to avail. Many online Quran centers are working and providing their services in teaching Islamic education. Online Shia Quran Tutor is one of the best online Quran education providers. It has the best teachers who are experts in teaching Quran and Islamic education. You should choose the teacher considering some points that should be a must in his personality. Because it is a matter of understanding religion. You must consider the following traits in your online Shia Quran teacher:


A Shia Quran tutor Online must have the dedication to teach Holy Quran to his students. It must not only be a profession to earn money. But a teacher must have dedication towards his or her duty. Teaching the Quran is a moral and noble cause that a teacher intends to do. It depends on the teacher who effectively builds up the interest in learning Quran for his students. All teachers at our platform have dedication and motivation towards their goal of spreading the message of Allah. 

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Hussain Quran Academy Online searches Look for the Quran Academy’s official website or social media profiles if you’re interested. They might offer contact details on their platform or have a “Contact Us” page.


A good Shia Quran teacher Online should be patient with his students. Every student irrespective of his age has a different learning capacity. A teacher must take this thing seriously as not everyone can pick up the concept at the same speed. Some students are slow learners and some are speedy. A teacher should not deal with everyone the same. Our online Shia Quran teachers are polite and patient. They treat their students with love so they can develop an interest in taking Shia Quran classes.   

Communication Skills

Communication skill is the most important personality trait in any person. A teacher must have communication skills to explain concepts to the students. Quran carries the message of Allah in hidden words, a good teacher can explain the context effectively. Our teachers are having these skills so they can communicate and teach Islamic points of view to their students.

Teaching methodology:

It all depends on the teacher and how he teaches his students. The way of teaching can attract the student towards learning or may lose his interest. We proudly claim to have teachers who have a teaching methodology where students enjoy taking classes. There is two-way communication between students and teachers so they can discuss easily. Students have the opportunity to discuss their problems with their teachers during class.


A teacher should be having teaching experience so he knows how to instruct his students on a relevant topic. You must select a teacher having experience. You can take trial classes with a teacher and decide if you like their way of teaching.

Technical How-know

An online Shia Quran teacher must know to use gadgets and web applications. Online teaching is through communication applications like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. Teachers must be familiar with using audio, and video chats, using microphones, recording lectures, and use of other software.

Reputation and reviews

There are many unverified online Shia Quran academies and teachers on the internet. You must research the teachers and online academy before you sign up for registration. Our Online Academy is one of the best providing quality Quran education to students. Our online Shia Quran teachers are the best and have the trust of their students from around the world.