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Welcome to the Al Hussain Quran Academy where you can learn to read the Quran with online Shia Quran
. This is the best online facility you can think of for taking Shia Quran education. If you are looking for someone to teach the Quran, join our platform.

Shia Quran learning is a must in the life of every Momin. Those who teach Quran earn the blessings of Allah. It is the saying that the best among you are those who teach the Quran. So Quran teachers are the ones who are earning rewards from Allah and making their place in Jannah. We have the best female and male Shia Quran teachers on our platform who are experts in online Shia Quran teaching. Momin believes that when they start the day with the name of Allah, it will be a good day. So we all must try to begin our day with the Quran recitation. If you are willing to learn this Holy book you are welcome to join us.

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Our Online Shia Quran Academy:

We are serving all Momineen around the world who want to learn the Quran. We claim to have the best teachers who will guide you all the basic to expert knowledge and skills. Our Shia online Quran Academy has different courses from our expert teachers. The teachers are experts in their field and specialize in their area.

You can learn to read the Quran from the beginner level. The online platform has both female and male Shia Quran teachers. The choice is yours which one you want to choose. Some students prefer to choose female and some want male Quran teachers. Both teachers are equally skillful and expert in teaching the Quran.

Learn from any part of the world:

The best thing about online teaching is that there is no boundary for a teacher to teach students. He can teach from his home to his student sitting in other parts of the world. The internet is a blessing for us that now distance has no meaning. Communication is very easy now. No matter where you are you can connect to another person by audio-video call. Before online Quran learning usually, male Shia Quran teachers come for home tuitions. But now females are also taking part in teaching the Quran to kids through online Quran academies. Now with the help of technology, you can help your child to learn the Quran online.

Teachers and students belong to different countries but they join together on an online Quran learning forum. We have students from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries. They study online at ease from the teacher of their choice.

Choose your online Quran teacher.

You may find different teachers in the same place on the online platform to learn the Quran. You have the option to select the best online Shia Quran teacher you find suitable for you. At the online Shia Quran center, you can interview the teachers and choose the one you want.

Choose online Shia Quran class time

Time is flexible at the online Shia Quran academy. The online Shia Quran tutors are available round the clock. It is easy for you to select the time for your class with your choice. No matter its the middle of the night or the start of the day, it solely depends on you. If the teacher is available in that time slot he or she will be there for you.

Learn Quran and Islamic courses online:

It’s not only about learning to read the Quran online. But you can register yourself to learn Islamic courses online too. We have different courses to understand the translation of the Quran. You can join our translation and Tafseer course if you want to understand the meanings of the Quran. Our students in Western countries enjoy our knowledgeable class and get benefits in the comfort of their homes. We need to understand the message of Allah in our language. Besides learning to read the Quran in Arabic, we should make efforts to understand it. To make it easy for you, our female and male Shia Quran teachers are at your service.


A Shia Quran tutor must have the dedication to teach Holy Quran to his students. It must not only a profession to earn money. But a Male Shia Quran teacher must have dedication towards his or her duty. Teaching the Quran is a moral and noble cause that a teacher intends to do. It depends on the teacher who effectively builds up the interest in learning Quran for his students. All teachers at our platform have dedication and motivation towards their goal of spreading the message of Allah.


A good Shia Online Quran teacher should be patient with his students. Every student irrespective of his age has a different learning capacity. A teacher must take this thing seriously as not everyone can pick up the concept at the same speed. Some students are slow learners and some are speedy. A teacher should not deal with everyone the same. Our online Shia Quran teachers are polite and patient. They treat their students with
love so they can develop an interest in taking Shia Quran classes.

Hifz Quran online

Our Shia online Quran center has students and teachers from different parts of the world. But the mission of everyone is the same. Teachers work hard to spread the message of Allah to their students. The students work hard to understand the hidden meaning behind the verses. Besides learning to read the Quran, the online portal also gives the facility to memorize the Quran. We have the best male Shia Quran teachers who are hafiz and guide the learning tips to their students.

A student can enjoy his Shia Quran learning journey if he has a good Shia Quran teacher Online. Most of our students have happy remarks on their teaching experience with us. They enjoy their class time engaging themselves in learning activities.

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Whatever inquiries or worries you may have regarding our services, our customer support team is there around-the-clock to help. We will get in touch with you right away whether you contact us via phone, chat, or email. Whatever kind of translation or interpretation you require, we are here to assist you.


A teacher should be having teaching experience so he knows how to instruct his students on a relevant topic. You must select a teacher having experience. You can take trial classes with a teacher and decide if you like their way of teaching.