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Welcome to the Al Hussain Quran Academy to learn Quran from the world’s best teachers. We aim to provide quality Shia Quran education to Shia communities around the world. We have the best teachers who can guide and teach you all the details of reading the Quran. Our teachers have high motivation in spreading the message of Allah to different parts of the world. Shia Quran tutors work wholeheartedly in making you understand the Quran from the start. We have this online platform to serve you with the services that will help you learn the details of Islam. We offer different courses for you to choose from according to your interest and requirement. Each course design has minute details that will help our students to understand the Quran in real terms.

If you are looking for someone who can teach you Quran with Tajweed then you are at the right place. Online Shia Quran tutor will clear your mind from doubts and ambiguities that can come while learning this Holy book.

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We are working since 2014 and providing our services online so that our Shia community can get an advantage. Our goal is to provide Islamic teachings online so that our Shia brothers and sisters can benefit from us. We have students from around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, and other Western countries. Our students study their Quran courses with satisfaction and recommend others too to join us. Our name is our quality and you will get to know it once you become part of our online family. Our teaching styles are always attractive and knowledgeable for our students. Shia Quran Academy online will make your efforts fruitful once you start learning from our platform. Our teachers contribute their best to make your learning easy and interesting. Our Islamic courses are in detail so that you can get knowledge of Shia Fiqah online. Do not waste your time searching online for Shia Quran teachers and join us to learn with the best.

We have the following best features for your convenience:

We Provide One-to-one classes:

Online Shia Quran classes are one-to-one sessions beneficial for our students. The traditional way of learning the Quran in a group class is sometimes not working for some students. Some students do not feel comfortable learning with other students. And sometimes you may not get clarity on the topic you are studying. Some students feel shy about asking questions in front of the whole class. So online Shia Quran classes solve all these problems. Here you can get one-to-one classes where your Shia Quran tutor will be sitting in front of you. In this way, a teacher can give full attention and every student can study and focus on the topic. Our classes are solely between a teacher and a student where they can build a healthy student-teacher relationship. You can choose our services of one-to-one class and start your learning process with us. You will be gathering knowledge and Islamic information through one-to-one classes.  

Professional Online Shia Quran Teachers:

Our Shia Quran teachers are professionals in their field and have experience teaching students from different backgrounds. This means that our teachers have the skills to teach students with different languages and cultures. Every individual has his own personality and different learning capabilities. A good teacher understands the nature of the student and teaches accordingly. We proudly claim to have the best teachers who do their duties wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm. They aim to teach the message of Allah to their fellow Shia brother and sisters. Our teachers are graduates of Islamic education and possess degrees from Islamic institutes. You can trust them for the education of your children as they belong to a group of Islamic professionals.


One thing good about our online teaching academy is that you can choose your teacher yourself. We have a group of professional teachers belonging to different countries. They are fluent in speaking English, Arabic, and Urdu. We realize that our students from Western countries are comfortable with the English language. So we have teachers who are fluent in English so you can communicate with them easily.

Male and Female teachers:

We have both male and female online Shia Quran teachers on our online platform. They both are equally qualified professionals in their field of teaching. Some female students prefer to study with female teachers. The students who are comfortable learning with our female teachers can choose female ones. They have an Arabic accent and good communication skills.

  Pleasing and Islamic Character:

You will find the teacher has a pleasing and friendly personality. It is important that one should portray the same as one preaches. So online Shia Quran teachers on our platform have Islamic characters and personalities. They preach Islamic values and that portrays in their character also.

Flexible Class Time

Our Shia Quran center is present for your service to learn the Quran easily. We offer flexible timings for your convenience. We have students and teachers from different time zones so they can take online Shia Quran classes at flexible times. You can choose the time of your class at any time of the day that is suitable for you. Your teacher will be online at any time of the day that you will fix with him or her.

Friendly environment:

Our Shia Quran classes Online have a good friendly environment. We believe that a good and welcoming environment attracts students toward learning. A strict and stressful class atmosphere can discourage the students. They do not want to learn and become far from their Islamic learning. Our Shia Online Quran tutors make the environment welcoming so that the students wait for their classes to start. Especially our kids’ students who are new to learning the Quran need a welcoming environment. You will find our classes stress-free and welcoming. The teacher-student friendly relationship is important in learning anything better. So following this concept, our teachers are professionals serving their duty in the friendliest way possible. You will learn better and get happier once you join our professional staff.

Islamic courses to gain Islamic knowledge:

Our Online Shia Quran Center has the vision to preach Islamic values to the Shia community all over the world. We have the best teachers who have specialization in their field of teaching. We offer different Islamic courses depending on age and level. Our course curriculum starts with a beginner’s level to a professional one. Quran carries the message of Allah for the universe and we aim to make this learning process easy. We have different courses for different age levels and different interests. At our Shia Online Quran Academy, you can get the skills to learn to read Quran. We are here to improve your recitation and make you an expert reciter. We have courses for translation of the Quran so that you can understand what you are reading. We have professional Quran teachers who give tips and tricks to Hifz the Quran.

Adult learning:

Our Shia Quran Academy is online and welcomes adult learning. It is the most convenient method of learning the Quran from your home. Some adults feel shy to learn in traditional Quran classes. They want to refresh their learnings and improve their skills but are reluctant to join the Quran center. Online Shia Quran classes are a blessing for those who want to learn Quran at their homes. 

Shia Quran With Tajweed

Quran Reading with tajweed course is for beginners. In this course you will learn about Arabic rules and Quran reading.

Shia Quran Translation

The best way to understand the Holy Quran and its message is to learn the Translation.

Shia Tafseer Quran

Shia Quran teachers provide online Quran learning with tafseer course to our students. This course is very important…!

Shia Quran Memorization

Shia Quran teachers provide Online Shia Quran Memorization course online for our Shia brothers.

Shia Islamic Fiqah

Shia Islamic Fiqah
FiQah means to follow the order (Ahkam) of Allah Almighty. The purpose of the creation…!

Yassarnal Quran

This Shia Yassarnal Quran Qaida course is the primary course and enables students to learn the reading of the Quran.

Contact Us Anytime, Anywhere

Whenever and wherever you need our online Shia Quran Tutor, we will appoint it for you to start regular Shia Quran classes online. To satisfy you with the teaching services we provide some sample classes to make you feel more comfortable while registering yourself to Al Hussain Quran Academy.

Kids Quran classes:

We have students of all age groups. Our kids’ students join us from around the globe. We have most of our students from Western countries where it is hard to find a good physical teacher. We aim to motivate our kids’ students and develop a love for learning Quran. We have a special course design for our little students that develop an interest in learning our Holy Book.

Teacher’s feedback:

When you register your child to our Shia Quran center Online, you will get feedback from his teacher regularly. We want that parents should know the progress of their children. So our teacher will remain in contact with you and shares his feedback.  

Al Hussain Quran Academy is the best Shia Quran Academy in the world for momineen. We are proud to have a lot of satisfied students from all over the World.


4 Classes

30Minutes Class

  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 20 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 22 Only / Month
  • UK £ 15 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 23 Only / Month
  • EURO € 15 Only / Month

8 Classes

30Minutes Class

  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 22 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 25 Only / Month
  • UK £ 17 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 30 Only / Month
  • EURO € 18 Only / Month

12 Classes

30Minutes Class

  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 30 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 30 Only / Month
  • UK £ 20 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 35 Only / Month
  • EURO € 25 Only / Month

20 Classes

30Minutes Class

  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 40 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 40 Only / Month
  • UK £ 25 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 40 Only / Month
  • EURO € 30 Only / Month


Quran is the Holiest book of Islam and the total asset of our religion in which Allah speaks to His creation in every aspect of life. Moreover, Allah has ordered us to read and understand Quran thoroughly as it teaches us not only to be good Muslims but to be good leaders. Furthermore, it is highly beneficent for the next life which is permanent. However, reading and understanding the Quran is not as easy as it seems.

Therefore there should be someone to teach Quran and help to understand its Tafseer. Thus Al Hussain Quran Academy is here with the most qualified and certified Online Shia Quran tutor for you. This is the best opportunity for you because our Quran tutors ensure a high understanding of the Quran and Tafseer by taking surprise quizzes, tests, and Viva of whatever has been studied to date. In this way, you will get a high grip on the Quran and other teachings of Islam that are brought to us by Ahlul-Bait.